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Service not only benefits those being served but also transforms the lives of those who serve.  

Supporting our Holy Child Network goals, this program gives students opportunities to serve others in our wider community, to encounter people beyond their current circles of relationships, and to put their individual gifts and talents into action. As students explore direct service through a variety of nonprofit organizations, they will learn more about themselves and others, and see others as God sees them.


At Holy Child, students engage in a mix of direct and indirect service opportunities.  These include both face-to-face encounters with vulnerable members of our community and service to support the work of organizations that serve these individuals directly.  Examples include

  • Serving meals at a food pantry
  • Tutoring children in an after-school program for low-income students
  • Visiting seniors in a nursing home facility
  • Sorting clothes or donations at a center
  • Attending a Best Buddies party on campus and engaging with people with developmental differences
  • Making sandwiches on campus for those experiencing poverty and hunger


*All hours must be logged within the course of the school year. Service can be done through a variety of approved organizations serving vulnerable individuals directly. Required benchmarks for service logs and reflections are due at the end of each quarter to the religion teacher, which will mark as pass/incomplete/fail.

“You must not hide the gifts God has given, but use them in His service.”
-Cornelia Connelly

Foundress, The Society of the Holy Child Jesus