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Imagine your highest self.

Then show up as her. 

When you truly belong and exciting opportunities encourage you to grow in every way, you’ll experience the incredible strength and happiness of being your best self. From sixth graders to seniors, Holy Child is a true community of sisters and friends who inspire and encourage even as they compete. We make Christian values real, from the way we serve others and work for justice to the way we accept and love each other for who we are. We are a community powered by joy. The kind that gives you the confidence to belt it out onstage. The grit to speed across the field to the goal. The energy to sweep the entire school into a Blue/Gold pep rally or go all in for Model UN. The courage to be part of everything. Sisterhood is our superpower.  We boost it and celebrate it like you’ve never seen before—through traditions that connect us as a school and across generations. From your first day, you’ll know that your Holy Child sisters are there for you, for life.  We cannot be contained. 

the All girl advantage

Here, every option is open to, reveled in and run by girls. 

Team captains, class presidents, retreat leaders, peer tutors—leadership roles abound here. And we encourage you to take them on so you become a force to be reckoned with anywhere you go. Just ask how many Holy Child grads run their own businesses or lead in their communities or careers! 

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Within every one of us rise the power and delight of a greater purpose. 

Discovering and becoming who you were created to be is a lifelong journey. Our Campus Ministry team will help you build a personal relationship with God, grow spiritually and put your love of God and neighbor into action through service. We welcome and encourage girls of all faiths to share this journey together.

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We know you want to get involved. 

Write or design for our campus newspaper. Join the  Math Club. Run a fundraiser or a festival. Endless options are here to try something new or find others who share your passion. 

32 student-run clubs and groups.

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To observe, explore, express and create—to share the joy and power of your voice—is to grow. 

More than 70% of our students participate in our visual and performing arts programs. 

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Love your team, love your sport—and be fierce as only a Tiger can be. 

65% of students play on interscholastic athletic teams.

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Focusing inside and out, our guidance and counseling teams will aid in creating the best version of yourself. 

The strong relationships you’ll build with teachers, mentors and friends at Holy Child are essential to your health, happiness and even your academic achievement. Social and emotional well-being takes time and intentional nurturing—which is exactly what we do.