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Joy makes everything possible.

We want you to love school. When you’re excited about what you’re doing and look forward to being with your friends and your teachers each day, you’ll know you’ve found the place you belong. 

The intentionally joyful and highly personal approach to learning in grades 6 through 8 at Holy Child fosters girls’ self-confidence, intellectual curiosity and independence during the critical middle school years. Our balanced and dynamic middle school curriculum connects disciplines and builds 21st century skills to fully prepare girls for the opportunities and challenge of our upper school and a constantly changing future. 

Strong voices, compassionate spirits, ethical leadership—we believe that energizing the mind, spirit and gifts of each girl will develop young women for whom anything is possible. And it all starts with loving school.  

All of your teachers also serve as advisors, counselors and coaches—which means they will know you as a person, not just a student.

In class, on the field, and in group and individual meetings through our advisory program, they will take the time to help you become your best self.  

Holy Child faculty hold doctorates in theology and literature, have published their work in education and psychology, have performed and exhibited nationally—and are just as committed to enlivening the classroom and reaching each student as they are to their fields. Game shows, role playing, service trips, building mini-golf courses and cardboard boats to compete in, composing and performing music together—learning will be absolutely inspiring. 

All Holy Child middle school faculty and staff are trained in advising—and all have an open door.


This is the time to try new things and explore your talents.

Organize a service project, join a sports team, take a dance class, learn to code, and more. All middle school students select a new pursuit each trimester for their elective block.  

To explore the full curriculum click the link to view our book of studies which outlines each of the programs and the philosophy behind them. 

Book of Studies

“Middle School is a time of self-discovery where students can develop their passions, interests and talents in a caring and inclusive environment that encourages them to take risks, learn from mistakes and try new things. We believe students are at the center of every decision we make in the classroom, on the field or on stage, they come first.” 

Kim Hogan - Head of Middle School  

“During the school year, children generally spend more time interacting with their teachers than with their parents. What happens inside schools has a deep and lasting effect on the mind-sets that children develop toward lifelong learning.” 
-Steven Wolk: 
Author, “Joy in School”


Kim Hogan 

Head of Middle School 

301.365.0955 x2129

Our dynamic middle school curriculum is complemented by a full range of resources and opportunities that develop confident, compassionate students who create, imagine, innovate and lead.